Website Hosting Company in Pune

If you want to display your website online and want others to see it, you need to tie the knot with Dreamworth hosting with a domain name and then upload the content. Dreamworth is India’s No.1 hosting company having its offices in Pune and Bangalore.

Hosting that grows with your business

Before taking decision on a plan, you need to take decision on selecting a hosting company. There are several web hosting service provider companies in Pune, but we are the best of them all! We take the pride to offer the flawless, first-rate web hosting services to our clients. We guarantee you the world-class hosting service for your website that will definitely help you grow your business.

Basic Types of Hosting

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1. Share web hosting :

Shared web hosting is quite reasonable and preferred hosting type. There are numerous websites on one server and all these websites share the server, which is called shared web hosting. As you share the server with several other websites on the server, you have to pay less for it.

Shared hosting

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS):

In virtual private server, you will have to share the server with much fewer websites. As a result, you get more power, flexibility and control, but you have to pay a little more for VPS.

virtual private server

3. Dedicated Server:

Dedicated server, as the name suggests, is a single virtual server that is dedicated only to you. High-traffic, resource-intensive websites prefer this type of server, but it is the most expensive hosting option.

Dedicated server

Key features of Dreamworth Hosting :

  • Domain hosting with free emails
  • Fully qualified and dedicated 24/7 technical support
  • Reliable uptime
  • Fully equipped with cPanel (Demo) / Plesk (Demo) Control
  • 1-click install of several free applications.
  • 1-click purchase of extra resources
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • 1-click set up for our registered domains
  • Flexible and user-friendly control panel
  • Programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET, Python, etc.
  • Best databases and infrastructure in the industry
  • Single Domain Hosting
  • Free DNS Management and Domain Forwarding
  • Email Compatible on several mobile platforms

Thus, Dreamworth Solutions is a leading web hosting service provider in Pune. We provide hosting services to individuals, professionals and businesses. We furnish our clients with an absolute set of hosting products that help them set up and enhance their online presence. Our full-featured web hosting packages are superlative and affordable. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to build your online presence and grow your business, we are just a click away!

Hosting Plans


Features Basic Advance Premium
RAID protected  500 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Bandwidth  5 GB 10 GB  20 GB
No. of E-mail Ids  02 05 10
My SQL Database 01 02 05
Parked Domains 0 01 02
No of E-mails in an Hour  100 150 200
No of Sub Domains  0 01 02
Price  1000 1700 3000