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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the world's fastest growing communication apps. Billions of people around the world are active WhatsApp users. By active we mean, these are the users who share millions of photos, videos every single day! This has triggered companies to make use of Whatsapp as a powerful tool of marketing.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is a very recent way of marketing, where digital marketers make use of the various functions provided by WhatsApp to reach out the prospects and customers. Whatsapp has proved to be an excellent tool to boost your sales. If you are planning to launch a new product or you want maximum customers to get acquainted with your services, Whatsapp marketing is a smart way to get it done.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing :

For business, WhatsApp is an amazing promotional tool. B2B businesses make use of WhatsApp messages to communicate and inform their client community. Increasing customer engagement has become so many times easier using this app. There's a lot more that can be told about the advantages of making use of WhatsApp as a major marketing strategy and following explains few of those:

1. Whatsapp supports not only text but multiple other formats like images, videos, audios, Vcards and also locations which make it easy for marketers while promotions.

2. The information which gets circulated or is at a very minimal cost or even almost free!

3. One of the most innovative features of Whatsapp is the blue ticks which help the marketers to track how message broadcast platforms.

4. Using WhatsApp messaging it allows the marketers to send the information to DND numbers as well.

5. Whatsapp is a cross-platform communication app which makes is available almost on all possible devices.

6. Through WhatsApp, marketers can send out the various launches, offers, updates about the product to customers keeping them informed all the time.

7. Whatsapp provides the ease to use without the requirement of any plug-ins.

Why Karyotype?

Our team at Dreamworth is highly equipped with talented and innovative professionals. Our teams are well trained for using WhatsApp as a marketing tool to the best of their ability. At Dreamworth, we provide 24x7 support to your WhatsApp marketing service. Below are the key features that we practice at Dreamworth that makes us stand out from others:

1. Our teams are focused on 100% customer satisfaction.

2. We provide constant support lines.

3. We are known for our track record to deliver the services on time.

4. We have a specialized creative team conducting discussion forums to exploit the app and how to make innovative and efficient use of Whatsapp in our marketing practices.

5. We not just make use of WhatsApp as a communicational tool with clients but we also involve our sales and development team to perform UAT before the service or product goes beta.

How will you see after subscribing with Dreamworth?

We are one of the leading marketing companies in Pune and hence, it is for sure that we will help you grow your business using our effective marketing strategies through WhatsApp. With our services, we assure that you will see the business at a higher level and we make sure the results are quite visible. Our team works on a great deal of attention to aid you in establishing a notable place in the competition.

Future scope of WhatsApp marketing services:

With the increasing developments in the app, it is needless to say, WhatsApp will soon be considered as a ruling marketing tool in the near future. With its first launch till the recent one, there have been noticeable enhancements developed to make it more useful and these developments continue to happen which gives a hint about how important role Whatsapp will be playing in the areas of Digital, Communicational, Promotional Marketing sector and Dreamworth would be an excellent choice who will help you to be the best out of the rest.